Sermorelin acetate for saleBefore you get to the point where you need HGH therapy, you can turn to sermorelin to increase growth hormone levels. Sermorelin is a secretagogue. What that means is it helps stimulate the secretion of another hormone – in this case, somatotropin (growth hormone, GH).

Unlike HGH therapy that directly increases the level of growth hormone in the bloodstream, sermorelin slowly promotes a boost in GH production.

Why would adults use sermorelin instead of HGH?

Although neither medication has a high incidence of risks, sermorelin carries less chance of side effects than HGH. The body will only produce enough GH for its needs. Even if you inject too much sermorelin, it will not stimulate too much somatotropin production. On the other hand, too much HGH injected into the body can increase the risk of side effects.

What is sermorelin made of?

Sermorelin contains the same 29 amino acids as naturally produced growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH). The hypothalamus releases GHRH which travels to the pituitary gland via the bloodstream to stimulate growth hormone production. Sermorelin also goes to the pituitary gland to carry out the same function as a bioidentical secretagogue.

When inquiring about sermorelin before and after results, you should familiarize yourself with the benefits of HGH. Both medications provide the same results, just in a different way and speed. With HGH, you get the results pretty fast as you are directly increasing growth hormone levels right away. Sermorelin takes longer to work because it slowly boosts natural GH secretion.

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Sermorelin?

Doctors specializing in hormone replacement prescribe sermorelin acetate to adults who are not yet dealing with the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency. Treatment with sermorelin is reserved for individuals in the preliminary stages of GH decline.

It becomes much harder for sermorelin results to make a difference once you have full-blown growth hormone deficiency. At that time, using HGH therapy is the better option.

The hormone specialist prescribes sermorelin to help stop any further GH decline and avoid symptoms of a deficiency. Sermorelin use can help prevent growth hormone deficiency from occurring, maintaining a healthier body and mind.

The prescribing of sermorelin allows for the molecule to bind to receptors on somatotrophs in the anterior pituitary gland. Somatotrophs are the cells responsible for the production and secretion of growth hormone.

What Are the Benefits of Sermorelin?

Sermorelin benefits are ultimately the same as those for growth hormone. They just take a bit longer to achieve than when using HGH therapy. The first benefit is that you are supporting the body’s own production of somatotropin, rather than directly increasing its supply with HGH.

You may have also heard about using sermorelin for weight loss. Do not get any strange ideas that this is a dietary aid – it is not. You will not see a legitimate doctor advertise sermorelin as a diet. That does not mean that you will not lose weight when using sermorelin. If you are overweight due to lower growth hormone levels slowing down your metabolism, then sermorelin will gradually help increase GH so that your metabolism will improve. As a result, you will start to burn a little stored fat. However, you will not likely see any results for a few months.

Additional benefits of sermorelin include:

  • Increasing your energy levels and stamina
  • Helping to promote muscle growth and bone density
  • Supporting healthy brain functions for cognitive and emotional well-being
  • Strengthening immunity and healing abilities
  • Enhancing sexual performance, desire, and pleasure
  • Stimulating cellular regeneration to protect the internal organs from shrinkage
  • Improving the appearance of the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production
  • Thickening and speeding hair and nail growth
  • Sharpening eyesight and night vision
  • Regulating temperature control
  • Increasing motivation, drive, self-esteem, and productivity
  • Balancing of cholesterol and blood pressure levels

Most people do not see results from sermorelin use until at least three months after beginning treatment. You may notice better sleep, energy, and mood much sooner, but other changes do not occur until later in the treatment process.

How Do You Administer the Sermorelin Dosage?

Your sermorelin dosage is administered in the same way as with HGH – via a daily injection to the abdomen. Our hormone clinic will provide you with complete written and online video instructions for preparing and injecting sermorelin.

Some points to remember when administering your daily sermorelin acetate dosage:

  • Alternate shots daily between the right side and the left side
  • Choose a spot approximately one inch away from the belly button
  • Do not inject into the same spot more than once every seven days – go a little lower or higher
  • Use a new needle for each injection and dispose of it in the provided Sharps container
  • Administer your sermorelin injections at night to stimulate the nighttime secretion of HGH
  • Always follow the doctor’s orders and do not change or alter your treatment without doctor authorization

Attention! This medicine is

More effective with a complex therapy
Available only with a prescription
Supplied with an advisor for the whole term of therapy

How Can I Get Sermorelin Acetate?

You get sermorelin for sale in the same way you would HGH therapy. Begin by contacting a qualified and knowledgeable hormone replacement therapy specialist. You want a doctor who has extensive experience balancing hormone levels to prescribe and supervise your treatment. Not only will this reduce the risk of side effects, but it will also improve your desired outcome and results.

As with HGH treatment, you will also undergo a blood test and physical examination. The hormone specialist will also require the completion of a health history questionnaire. Results from these steps will help determine if you are a sermorelin candidate.

Your sermorelin cost depends on the dosage and duration of the treatment as prescribed by the doctor. To save money, contact our clinic where you will receive your initial consultation for no charge. Rather than making you waste time in a doctor’s office, we provide this service by telephone. Contact us today for your confidential consultation.