Humatrope injections vial for saleHumatrope by Eli Lilly is one of the highest-quality brands of HGH available for use by adults and children. If you or someone you know is suffering from growth hormone deficiency, then Humatrope is an excellent treatment option.

In this report, we will focus on the benefits, side effects, and administration of Humatrope for adults. The most important factor to remember is that Humatrope HGH is a prescription medication. It has specific uses and should not be taken without doctor authorization.

Humatrope consists of the same 191 amino acid polypeptide protein structure as somatotropin (GH, growth hormone), a chemical produced by the pituitary gland. Because it has the same biologically identical composition, Humatrope functions in the same way as somatotropin once injected into the body.

You cannot get HGH in any form other than an injectable – its large molecular structure will not allow it to pass through membranes or skin. Nor can you consume it as a pill or liquid as the body’s digestive enzymes would likely destroy any essential properties.

Why would adults need growth hormone when they have long stopped growing?

Somatotropin does much more than stimulate linear growth. We will discuss the benefits of Humatrope HGH in detail in the next section. Suffice it to say that your body’s cells, brain, and physiological functions all need growth hormone every day of your life.

Although growth hormone production declines with age, starting by the end of a person’s twenties in most cases, the body often adjusts to this decrease. However, some people do not adapt well to decreasing HGH levels, and, for them, supplementation is vital.

Attention! This medicine is

More effective with a complex therapy
Available only with a prescription
Supplied with an advisor for the whole term of therapy

Benefits of Humatrope HGH for Adults

Contrary to what the name suggests, HGH functions go well beyond stimulating growth. Long after you reach your final adult height, human growth hormone goes right on providing your body with an abundant supply of cells necessary to maintain your skin, internal organs, bones, hair, muscles, nails, tissues, and blood supply. That is why Humatrope is essential when the body no longer produces enough somatotropin on its own.

The box below highlights many of the Humatrope benefits for adults:

Increases energy Restores stamina Supports metabolism
Stimulates fat burning Reverses muscle wasting Improves lean muscle mass
Increases strength Reduces joint pains Supports flexibility
Strengthens bones Lowers LDL cholesterol Enhances tissue glucose uptake
Reverses many effects of aging Deepens and restores sleep Accelerates wound healing
Improves immunity Speeds illness recovery Increases collagen and elastin
Thickens and firms the skin Reduces wrinkles and sagging Strengthens nail growth
Increases cell regeneration Improves internal organ size Enhances organ functions
Lowers blood pressure Reduces stress and anxiety Sharpens eyesight
Decreases blurry night vision Strengthens memory Supports cognitive functions
Improves concentration Brightens mood and outlook Increases exercise capacity
Restores sex drive Supports vaginal lubrication Improves erectile functions

One note about Humatrope and weight loss – although your body will lose a significant amount of belly fat, the scale may not always register the same way as you will also be increasing lean muscle mass at the same time.

Prescription Information

Treatment with Humatrope is a complex therapy customized and prescribed to the needs of each individual. The doctor bases the treatment on a person’s health status, including the level of growth hormone deficiency, body composition, age, gender, and symptoms.

HGH injections fall under the category of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). As with other forms of HRT, such as estrogen or testosterone treatments, HGH therapy replenishes what the body no longer produces. For adults with low growth hormone levels, HGH therapy can transform the quality of their lives.

The cost of HGH injections depends on whether you purchase the Humatrope in a pen or vial format. HumatroPen devices have a higher price point than purchasing HGH in vials. For those who want to keep their cost as low as possible, the standard vial and syringe format is the best option.

Humatrope Injections

To properly increase the growth hormone level in the body, you must inject Humatrope as directed by your doctor. HGH is a complex therapy that helps regulate the growth hormone levels in adults. By doing so, Humatrope improves cell regeneration, metabolism, immunity, brain functions, heart health, libido, emotional well-being, and more.

Injectable Humatrope HGH is easy to use, providing adults with superior results. Safety of Humatrope relies on getting your medication from a reputable and licensed source – a regulated US pharmacy. Do not purchase any brand of human growth hormone injections from any other place. Doing so can result in the receipt of counterfeit or potentially dangerous medications.

It is essential to work with an HRT specialist because the balancing of hormone levels is highly advanced medicine. By treating one hormone, it often impacts others, which can send a variety of hormone levels spiraling out of control. A doctor who specializes in hormone therapy knows how to accurately and adequately bring hormone levels back into balance.

FAQ about Humatrope

Is Humatrope legal?

Yes, Humatrope HGH injections are legal to use when prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency. It is not permissible to use Humatrope without a valid prescription. Attempting to buy any brand of HGH injections without legitimate authorization could result in prosecution, monetary fines, and even jail time.

Is it safe?

Humatrope HGH therapy is safe for adults who have received a diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency. When the body is low in GH levels, HGH treatment can safely increase the amount of growth hormone to aid in improving various critical functions. However, using HGH injections when they are not necessary, or in higher than prescribed doses, can result in unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects.

How much should I take per day?

Only your doctor can determine how much Humatrope your body needs. That determination will be based on your level of deficiency, as shown in blood test results, body composition, gender, age, health, and symptom severity.

How do I inject Humatrope?

You will receive complete and detailed instructions – with illustrations – for how to inject Humatrope HGH. In addition, we provide links where you can watch videos outlining in a step by step process the preparation and injection of your particular type of Humatrope. The preparation varies based on whether you purchase HumatroPen injector devices or vials and syringes. Our medical advisors are also available for telephone guidance during your first injections.

Where is a better place to inject?

Most people find the abdomen is the most accessible and comfortable place to administer their HGH injections. It is easy to reach, provides superior absorption into the bloodstream, and offers a more substantial area for use to reduce the need for same-site injections.

Are There Side Effects of Humatrope?

HGH therapy is a safe treatment when used as prescribed following proper diagnostic procedures. There is minor risk of Humatrope side effects when you work with an experienced hormone specialist.

Humatrope HGH is contraindicated in the following situations:

  • Active cancer
  • Acute critical illness due to:
  • Multiple trauma
  • Open heart surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Acute respiratory failure
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Allergies to any ingredients in Humatrope
  • Pregnancy
  • Nursing

When prescribing Humatrope growth hormone, the doctor may start out with a lower dose or increase monitoring for people in the following categories:

  • Over age 60
  • Diabetes
  • Hypopituitarism

Although it is rare to see any side effects from Humatrope, some redness, irritation, swelling, or itching around the injection site is possible, especially in the early stages of treatment. It may take a little time to get used to administering a shot, so you may notice these issues arise.

Side effects that could occur as the body adjusts to an increase in HGH levels include:

  • Headache
  • Edema
  • Muscle, joint, or nerve pain

These issues typically subside on their own, or if they last longer than two weeks or become bothersome, the doctor may lower the dosage until they disappear.

If too much HGH is injected, as in the case of those individuals who abuse this medication illegally, the following side effects increase in incidence:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol

You can avoid any problems by reporting any adverse reactions to your prescribing physician.

How Do You Use Humatrope?

Humatrope Pen for saleYour doctor will provide you with full instructions for Humatrope administration, including the prescribed dosage to inject.

Humatrope comes supplied by Eli Lilly in either 5 mg vials or HumatroPen injector systems.

For those using the Humatrope HGH vials, you will also receive separate vials of diluent to reconstitute your HGH powder. A supply of insulin syringes and needles will accompany your HGH Humatrope shipment.

If you are purchasing a Humatrope pen, you will select either the 6 mg, 12 mg, or 24 mg size, based on your dosage prescription. One of the medical advisors here at our clinic will discuss the differences with you. Your Humatrope cartridges come with prefilled diluent pens for reconstituting the HGH powder.

We provide written instructions with easy to follow preparation directions for Humatrope. How to inject online videos show you the simple process. Our advisors are also available to be on the phone with you to guide you through your first injections if desired.

Your once-a-day Humatrope HGH shots take only a few minutes, often later in the evening. The tiny needles inject your human growth hormones directly under the abdominal skin.

How Do You Get Humatrope HGH for Sale?

To get the lowest possible Humatrope cost, many people turn to the internet. Be wary of some of the websites as they are not hormone clinics. You do not want to buy HGH injections from an unregulated source – no matter how flashy or professional the website appears.

Since you need a prescription to get Humatrope for sale legally in the US, you want to turn to a reputable hormone clinic. The following steps are necessary to complete before you can receive authorization for HGH therapy:

  • Consultation
  • Examination
  • Blood testing
  • Health history documentation
  • Follow-up review of the results

We can save you time and money by conducting the initial consultation and follow-up review by phone. Our clinic has also negotiated set fees for the necessary blood tests with a chain of national laboratories. When it is time to restore health and well-being to your life with Humatrope, buy online with the confidence that can only come from working with experienced hormone specialists. Call today for your free and confidential consultation.

The chart below compares the features of Humatrope side-by-side with other leading Somatropin formulations from competing US and European manufacturers.

Omnitrope Norditropin Genotropin Humatrope Sermorelin
Vial + + +
Pen + + +
Replaceable Cartridges + +
Refrigeration + + + +
Other devices +
Insulin syringes +
Pre-mixed +
All-in-one Unit + + +
Prescription + + + + +
US-manufacturer + + + + +

As you can see, Humatrope comes in both vial and “injection pen” form (a pain-free, economical alternative to syringes). Their injection pens come with replaceable cartridges for easy refilling. All Humatrope products must be kept refrigerated to maintain quality and potency. To obtain Humatrope legally, you must visit a licensed medical doctor. He or she will evaluate you and order any necessary blood work to determine if you are a good candidate to receive therapy with Humatrope.

How Does Humatrope Work in the Body?

Like the other somatropin medications in this chart, Humatrope works by replicating the activities of natural HGH in the body. To understand why and how patients with diagnosed growth hormone deficiency (GHD) benefit from Humatrope, it’s first important to understand the function of human growth hormone in healthy people.

HGH is a critical hormone that, under normal circumstances, is produced in the pituitary gland, a tiny BB-sized structure in the mid-region of the brain.

The pituitary gland comprises 1/3 of the important hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis), a combination of glands and hormones that form a neuroendocrine network. If one of the members doesn’t produce enough hormones (as occurs in the pituitary gland in HGH-deficient patients), then the HPA axis activities are impaired and hormone health as a whole decline.

The bottom line is the an HGH deficiency does not only impact growth hormone function – the condition has a system-wide effect that can upset the delicate, homeostatic hormonal balancing act in the body and, as a result, impair health.

What Condition Does Hunatrope Treat?

Humatrope is approved to treat the symptoms of growth hormone disorder (GHD) in both children and adults. Contrary to popular belief, GHD can occur at any age with detrimental effects on health. In adults, GHD may be caused by a number of factors:

  • Genetic defects.
  • Head trauma.
  • Stress.
  • Poor diet.
  • Tumor growth.
  • Age-related HGH decline. *

*It’s important to keep in mind that, even in otherwise healthy individuals, an HGH deficiency can occur as we age. The chart below shows the typical downward trajectory of HGH levels over the lifespan.


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