Does Sermorelin Work to Raise HGH: Research and Reviews

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Does Sermorelin Work to Raise HGH Levels?

Key Points About Sermorelin injections

Sermorelin injections like HGH are used to treat growth hormone deficiency (GHD) in adults and children. But Sermorelin and HGH are not the same thing; they are two different prescription medications with distinct mechanisms for raising your HGH level. 

Sermorelin belongs to a class of drugs known as “secretagogues,” so named because they cause your body to release or “secrete” other substances. Your body naturally produces secretagogues, and they serve a very important purpose in the regulation and release of many hormones. One of these is growth hormone-releasing hormone or GHRH, which controls the level of HGH in your blood by stimulating its release by your pituitary gland.

Sermorelin is a synthetic form of GHRH. It has the same effect on the pituitary as the GHRH produced by your body. In many cases, sermorelin injections can have the same benefits in treating GHD, even age-related or adult-onset GHD, as HGH injections.

The Key Question: “Does Sermorelin Work?”

The answer to the question of “Does sermorelin work?” is a qualified “yes.” Sermorelin is FDA-approved for the treatment of GHD. However, it may not work as well as HGH injections in all cases. Sermorelin is clinically proven to raise your HGH levels, of that there is no doubt or debate. However, it cannot raise your HGH as quickly or as high as directly injecting growth hormone into your bloodstream as in prescription HGH injections. Yet in many cases, particularly for age-related HGH decline, where your HGH levels are not that far below normal, sermorelin injections are enough to get your body to produce enough HGH to return your levels to the normal range. 

In qualifying patients, sermorelin injections can be an effective yet lower-cost alternative to traditional human growth hormone (HGH) injections. 

Sermorelin or sermorelin acetate is the generic name of the prescription drug Geref. It belongs to the official class of drugs known as Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Analogs. Sermorelin can only be bought with a legitimate doctor’s prescription. It is sold online and in brick-and-mortar pharmacies as a sterile powder intended for injection below the surface of the skin after reconstituting with sodium chloride that comes in vials along with the medication.

How Fast Does Sermorelin Work?

Sermorelin injections take time to achieve results and, like HGH itself, are prescribed for several months. Over the course of those months, your HGH levels will begin to rise, and you will start to see improvements in your strength and energy and your ability to build muscle. Your exercise capacity will increase, and your metabolism will rise, which will have the combined effect of helping you lose significant amounts of weight. As you enter the later months of your sermorelin therapy, you will see other improvements, including to cognition, focus, and sexual performance.  

After you have finished your six-month course of sermorelin, you can expect your results to be long-lasting. As part of your sermorelin therapy, you will be provided with lifestyle coaching and other guidance to help you keep the results you have achieved, particularly those relating to strength, build, and body mass. 

Does Sermorelin Work for Someone Over 60?

The ability of sermorelin acetate injections to stimulate HGH production and release has been well-researched and well-documented. Not only can sermorelin be used in persons over 60, but there is research to suggest that it is a superior alternative for treating GHD in older adults to traditional recombinant DNA HGH injections. A 2006 study published in the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging listed several reasons why sermorelin could be a better approach to the management of adult-onset growth hormone insufficiency.

Sermorelin for Muscle Building

muscle building with Sermorelin

For patients who qualify for its use, sermorelin has many of the same antiaging benefits of HGH injections, including increasing your ability to build lean muscle. Sermorelin acts like GHRH and stimulates your pituitary to produce and release HGH. Increasing the level of HGH in the blood has been proven to increase your ability to build muscle, especially for older men. A 2013 study concluded that “increasing HGH in healthy elderly should be considered an option for increasing muscle strength.”

This is because of the impact that HGH has on stimulating protein synthesis, which leads to increased exercise capacity and increased muscle strength.

Sermorelin for Weight Loss

Another benefit that sermorelin has in common with HGH is its ability to raise your metabolism and help you lose weight. Studies have found that sermorelin therapy can help you lose weight in several ways. In addition to boosting metabolism and increasing your ability to burn fat, sermorlin can also help you sleep better, and getting a good night’s sleep is also tied to losing weight. 

Sermorelin also helps reduce stress and balance your stress-related hormones, which can keep you from stress over-eating and the other ways that stress can make you pack on the pounds.  



Sermorelin for Libido Enhancement

Sermorelin for Libido Enhancement

Growth hormone therapy, including sermorelin injections, has been linked to increased libido in men and women and has been found to be an effective treatment for ED in men. HGH is a necessary precursor to the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is integral to a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection. Nitric oxide opens the blood vessels in the penis allowing the erectile tissues to become engorged with blood resulting in a sustainable erection.

Research indicates that there is a definitive link between arousal, HGH, and sexual function. Studies have found that upon sexual excitement, HGH levels also increase. The same studies found that men with ED had as much as seven times less HGH in their erectile tissues when non-erect than in men with normal erectile function. One such study published in 2000 concluded, “[Our] results suggest that penile erection is probably induced by growth hormone through its stimulating activity on human corpus cavernosum smooth muscle.”

Sermorelin and Exercise Performance

In addition to helping you build muscle mass through enhanced protein synthesis, sermorelin, by boosting HGH levels, can also increase muscle strength, which can improve exercise capacity and athletic performance. A recent study analyzed the impact of growth hormone therapy on muscle mass and power in adult men. The results showed that HGH injections “significantly increased” exercise capacity, led to positive changes in body compositions, and decreased total body fat, and increased lean muscle mass. 

Advantages of Sermorelin

Other Advantages of Sermorelin

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, other benefits of taking sermorelin acetate injections for adults with GHD include the following:

Sermorelin With GHRP2 And GHRP6

GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 are two other growth hormone-releasing agents. They are often mixed together in a “drug cocktail” injection along with sermorelin. There is evidence to suggest that this triple mix of growth hormone-releasing peptides is more effective at treating the issues related to GHD than sermorelin alone. 

How to Buy Sermorelin Online

You can buy Sermorelin online from a legitimate seller as you will find on our pages. However, you still will need to have a prescription and go through the following procedure to obtain one. 

Steps to Procure Sermorelin Online

Getting started with sermorelin therapy at our clinic is simple. Just click on the Contact Us link on the home page or complete the online medical history form. One of our representatives will contact you and, after asking a few questions about your age and symptoms, invite you to make an appointment for a complete physical exam, and then we will take it from there. 

If our doctors think you may be the right fit for sermorelin growth hormone therapy, we will schedule lab work to have your hormone levels tested. Should your lab tests reveal that you have age-related growth hormone deficiency and your levels are within the range that sermorelin acetate can help, you will be prescribed the necessary dosage and regimen of sermorelin to best address your symptoms. 

Patient Recommendations: Navigating Online Sermorelin Purchases

“Getting sermorelin therapy from The HGH Therapy Doc site was easy, and it has really made a difference in my life. I was 45, a little porky, and just felt like I was losing my edge overall. Now, after a few months on sermorelin, I’ve lost dozens of pounds, I look better, and I feel stronger. Thank you, HGH Therapy Doc!!” –  Jack W. Tampa, FL


“Brain fog, yeah, that’s I thing, and I had it, big time. I couldn’t focus at work; at home, my mind would just seem to drift from place to place. My wife would ask about a TV show we watched just a day or two ago — and I couldn’t remember any of the details. I’m only 48, so I wasn’t really worried about dementia or anything like that, but I was concerned. While Googling around for what could cause the kind of cognitive difficulties I was having, I came across a blog on “Cognitive Decline and Age-Related HGH Loss,” which led me to the website. Well, long and short of the story, once I contacted them for my free consult, we went through the process and found out my HGH levels were indeed low. But here is the best thing: they were the ones who said with my results, I qualified for sermorelin, which was a lot cheaper than HGH. How about that, a business that actually tries to save you money, instead of upselling you to products you don’t need!” –  Paul M. Coral Gables, FL 


“You know how women feel about telling their age, so I will just say I am ‘over 40.’ Now, that doesn’t mean I was hitting menopause yet, but I was starting to feel the changes coming on, especially when it came to sleep. I was having real trouble sleeping; also, there were some problems, shall we say, in the intimacy department. A co-worker of mine told me about this website and how she went there to get something called sermorelin. They explained to her how, in addition to our female hormones getting all out of whack at our age, HGH levels drop for women, and while my estrogen could still be high enough for me to get normal periods (I am), it’s the low HGH that could be my problem. I’ve been taking the sermorelin injections for about two weeks now, I am sleeping so much better. After the first week or so, I slept almost a solid 8 hours without waking up. In the morning, I had zero aches and pains. I have more energy, and it’s easier to do everything. I feel like myself again!” –  Karen R. Miami,  FL.


Sermorelin is given via self-injection under the skin (subcutaneously). When injecting, the best place is the fatty tissue just below the skin; the most common injection sites are the stomach or thigh. Only inject sermorelin as you have been instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. 

Like growth hormone injections, sermorelin acetate subcutaneous injections are indicated for use in children who are not reaching normal growth milestones due to growth hormone deficiency (GHD). It is also indicated for use in adults suffering from “adult-onset” or “age-related GHD.” However, unlike human growth hormone (HGH) injections, which immediately raise the level of growth hormone in your blood, sermorelin acetate stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more HGH.

In qualifying patients, sermorelin injections are an FDA-approved, safe, and effective treatment for GHD that may be a lower-cost alternative to HGH injections.