How to Use HGH Injections

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How to Use HGH Injections: Information for Adults

If you are an adult recently diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency, you likely have many questions. How to use HGH injections is likely towards the top of your list. That is the question we will answer on this page.

Here are some important reminders before you begin HGH therapy:

  1. Always follow your doctor’s instructions. That means preparing your dosage of HGH carefully. Your physician determined how much HGH you should inject based on your body’s needs. Do not alter your dosage or treatment schedule without contacting the hormone clinic.
  2. If you purchase HGH in a vial, be sure to mix it with the exact amount of sterile solution provided with your medication. Using too much bacteriostatic water could weaken the HGH, and too little could cause unwanted side effects.
  3. Follow all instructions for how to take HGH injections safely. That means checking your medication before each use to be certain that there are no crystals or particles, that the HGH solution is not cloudy or discolored, and that it is not expired. Remember to mark the expiration date on each new vial or cartridge that you begin.
  4. Report any unexpected or adverse reactions to the hormone clinic. It is rare that adults with growth hormone deficiency develop side effects from HGH therapy. However, always err on the side of caution and double check with the clinic that everything is fine.
  5. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap and use a clean towel for drying before preparing and administering your HGH injection. Always work on a clean counter or tabletop.

When Should You Take HGH Injections?

You likely have questions about when to take your HGH shots and how often you will need them. Those are the next questions we will answer.

Regarding how often to take HGH injections, most people will receive instructions for daily use. That typically means injecting HGH once a day.

Is there a particular time of day that works best for HGH therapy?

Yes, taking HGH in the evening is the optimal time for treatment. How HGH injections work is by boosting the level of growth hormone in the body to perform its functions. Much of what HGH does occurs at night while you sleep. That is when the body utilizes growth hormone to metabolize the food consumed during the day. The brain uses HGH to process the information and actions of the day and store them away as memories. HGH also stimulates cell regeneration while you sleep for muscle and tissue repair.

Adults learning how to use HGH injections will be happy to learn that HGH administration in the evening also helps improve sleep. The result is more energy the next day.

How to Inject HGH

How to Use HGH Injections in adults

We will not provide mixing and preparation instructions on this page due to the vast array of brands and injector styles on the market. You will receive that information from your medical advisor, as well as with your HGH medication. We also provide you with online video links so that you can watch the process step by step.

When using standard vials of HGH with insulin size syringes, you will fill the syringe to the prescribed line. Remember to sterilize the vial with an alcohol prep wipe before inserting the needle tip. Take care not to let the needle tip come into contact with anything other than the vial stopper and your injection site. After wiping the injection site with another alcohol prep pad, let it air dry. Then, pinch the skin between your fingers and insert the needle fully into the prepared skin. Release the pinch and push in the plunger all the way. Remove the needle from the skin when the syringe is empty. Replace the needle cap and discard the entire syringe in the provided Sharps container.

The best way to take HGH injections is subcutaneously in the abdomen. You want to inject HGH into fatty tissue, and the area beneath the abdominal skin provides the best absorption.

If you purchase one of the numerous HGH injector pens, you will still follow the same general injecting procedures. However, instead of discarding a syringe, you will likely recap and twist off the disposable needle before disposing it in the Sharps container.

For answers to any other questions about how to use HGH injections, please contact our hormone clinic for a free consultation.