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Author :Dr. Marylin Adams
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What Is the Proper HGH Dosage - Is there a connection between HGH dosage and effects of the treatmentBefore you begin human growth hormone therapy, you need to know your HGH daily dosage. The amount you take may be different from that of your spouse, friend, or even identical twin. Yes, it is true that even twins could experience growth hormone deficiency differently from one another. One sibling may even require treatment while the other does not. The body responds to lifestyle habits such as exercise, nutrition, stress, and sleep while producing human growth hormone. How do you know what is the proper HGH dosage for your needs – and even if you need it?

Hormone specialists – doctors trained in hormone replacement therapy – run diagnostic blood tests to determine who has HGH deficiency. Not only will the blood analysis show if a human growth hormone deficiency is present, but also to what extent.

The doctor will then use these results along with information from a physical examination to determine HGH dosage and timing. Most people administer their HGH dosage daily, typically in the evening.

We answer some of the frequently asked questions about HGH dosage below:

  • Is there a connection between HGH dosage and effects of the treatment?

Some people think that if they take more HGH than prescribed, they will get quicker results. That is not the case. If anything, taking too much HGH will often cause unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects. You will get the best possible results if you administer the HGH dosage prescribed for you by the doctor.

  • Is there an average or general HGH effective dose that doctors prescribe?

While we are hesitant to promote any generalization here, you may read online that an average dosage of HGH is 2 IU per day. That does not mean it is the right dosage for your needs. The doctor must look at your age, body mass index (weight), level of deficiency, overall health, and other issues to determine your best treatment needs.

Why the Proper HGH Dosage Matters for Patients With Deficiencies

When properly conducted, HGH replacement therapy is an exact science that calls for close attention to detail. Because the growth hormone utilized in injection therapy is measured in increments of fractions of milligrams, small miscalculations in dosages can, and unfortunately often do, result in serious health ramifications for patients and providers who fail to exercise appropriate caution.

Number Of Doses Provided By a Single Cartridge 6 mg 12 mg 24 mg
Prescribed Dose (mg)
28 0,025 – 0,20* 0,05 – 0,40* 0,10 – 0,80*
26 0,225 0,45 0,90
24 0,25 0,50 1,00
21 0,275 0,55 1,10
20 0,30 0,60 1,20
18 0,325 0,65 1,30
17 0,35 0,70 1,40
16 0,375 0,75 1,50
15 0,40 0,80 1,60
14 0,425 0,85 1,70
13 0,45 0,90 1,80
12 0,475 – 0,50 0,95 – 1,00 1,90 – 2,0
11 0,525 1,05 2,10
10 0,55 – 0,60 1,10 – 1,20 2,20 – 2,40
9 0,625 – 0,65 1,25 – 1,30 2,50 – 2,60
8 0,675 – 0,75 1,35 – 1,50 2,70 – 3,00
7 0,775 – 0,85 1,55 – 1,70 3,10 – 3,40
6 0,875 – 1,0 1,75 – 2,00 3,50 – 4,00
5 1,025 – 1,2 2,05 – 2,40 4,10 – 4,80
4 1,225 – 1,5 2,45 – 3,00 4,90 – 6,00

Too little HGH will not produce the upticks in the circulating levels of the hormone that are necessary for patients to experience the intended health benefits of the therapy. Administering too much HGH is even more catastrophic. Excessive concentrations of HGH can trigger a host of serious side effects that include:

  • Dangerously elevated cholesterol levels.
  • Acromegaly (Unnatural hand, foot, and facial growth)
  • Cardiovascular complications.
  • Mental health disorders.
  • Enlarged heart.
  • Swelling of extremities (edema).

These conditions represent a small sampling of the many serious complications that arise from HGH abuse. Never compromise your health by attempting to determine your own HGH dosage or by relying on the guidance of non-experts.

Is the HGH Dosage Different for Men and Women

Is the HGH Dosage Different for Men and Women?

Gender is another issue that necessitates discussion when it comes to the dosage of human growth hormones. Due to body composition differences, some women may receive lower HGH dosages than their husbands or brothers.

What is the normal HGH dosage for women over forty?

Again, we are not going to get into prescribing dosages on this page. Someone who takes that information and purchases HGH illegally could do themselves a world of harm. HGH treatment is customized for each person based on the factors previously mentioned.

The difference between the HGH dosage for females and males is most dependent on need. Some women require higher dosages than men simply because their HGH levels are lower. Age is one of the most critical factors. The older you are, the lower your human growth hormone levels will likely be. However, that does not necessitate a higher dosage of HGH at the start of treatment.

What is the proper HGH dosage for adults over sixty?

Going along with what we just mentioned, having a very low HGH level typically requires more human growth hormones. However, with older adults over sixty, it is not wise to initiate treatment with a higher dose. Adults who are older often require starting out with a lower dosage of HGH and then gradually increasing as the body adjusts to the changing HGH levels.

The Benefits of Choosing the Optimal HGH Dosage

The Benefits of Choosing the Optimal HGH DosageTo truly reap the potential benefits of HGH therapy, you must arrive at the correct dosage with the aid of an experienced medical provider.

Optimal dosages of HGH can produce the following beneficial effects in patients affected by deficiencies:

Because growth hormone is intricately involved in dozens of everyday physiological functions, the health benefits of restored levels of HGH for patients with true deficiencies are too numerous to encapsulate in a single list.

How Is the HGH Dosage Determined?

Determining the amount of human growth hormones to prescribe is based on scientific calculations – although there are different ways of doing this. An HGH dosage chart that is weight-based may consider dosing between 0.006 mg/kg to 0.0125 mg/kg per day. Considered in this approach to HGH treatment are the individual’s gender, age, height, weight, health, level of activity, and symptoms.

A non-weight based approach to HGH therapy is less frequently used by hormone practitioners. Because this type of determination does not personalize the treatment, it can lead to increased risk of side effects. More often, a doctor who uses this approach will start out with a lower dosage of HGH, increasing the amount in slight increments. It may also take longer to achieve the desired results with this form of HGH therapy.

To discover the answer to what is the proper HGH dosage for your needs, please contact our hormone clinic. We begin with a free and confidential telephone consultation to get you started. You are under no obligation to continue with testing. Consider the call your way to gain the information and answers you seek.

Is HGH Safe For Use as a Performance-Enhancing Drug (PED)?

Prevalence of Teen Steroid Synthetic hGH Abuse

Individuals utilize HGH supplementation for different purposes. Hormone replacement therapy with HGH is only recommended for patients with clinically diagnosable

deficiencies (i.e., insufficient supplies of HGH produced endogenously by the pituitary gland). For patients whose quality of life is negatively impacted by these conditions, HGH therapy can serve as a positive, life-changing breakthrough.

WordDue to growth hormone’s muscle-building activities in the body, athletes increasingly consider HGH as an option for achieving the performance and/or appearance gains they hope to see.

Muscle “hypertrophy” is the medical term for muscle fiber growth. Larger muscles serve to both improve aesthetic appearance (for bodybuilders) and to increase strength (for power-lifters and other athletes).

As the above chart unfortunately indicates, the increasing availability and accessibility of HGH, along with a greater public interest in its potential benefits, have resulted in higher rates of abuse among young athletes.
Healthy bodybuilders, weightlifters, and other athletes hoping to gain a competitive advantage with HGH supplements risk their well-being when they engage in the ill-advised and illegal use of HGH.

The dangers of unprescribed HGH administered in non-clinical settings to patients without a legitimate need for the hormone cannot be overstated

HGH Therapy Clinic a legitimate medical provider that performs important work with patients who rely on our expertise for their health and safety. As such, we focus solely on treating patients with real HGH deficiencies.

Ultimate HGH Dosage Calculator: How Medical Providers Calculate Individual HGH Dosages

Reaping all of the myriad potential benefits of HGH therapy requires a carefully titrated, individualized dosing regimen. Experienced HGH therapy providers develop treatment protocols on a case-by-case basis, factoring in all the many variables that affect how therapy should be administered.

Recommended Adult Dosing for Humatrope Administration
Indication Non-weight-based starting dose (Dose rang) Weight-based starting dose

(Maximum dose)

Growth Hormone deficiency Approx. 0,2 mg/day

(Range: 0,15 to 0,30 mg/day)

Not more than

0,006 mg/kg/day

(Max: 0,0125 mg/kg/day )

A standard protocol for the treatment of an HGH deficiency calls for between 0.15-0.3 mg of the hormone per day, depending on several criteria that the provider must weigh carefully.

The factors that inform HGH dosages include:

  • Related Symptoms.
  • Age.
  • Sex.
  • Weight.
  • Medical history (chronic diseases, allergies, etc.).
  • The Patient’s Budget.

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