The Best HGH Injections From US Manufacturers in 2021

Author :Dr. Jonathan McKennell
Editor :Henry Evans

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a human growth hormone deficiency, also known as GHD, you have several therapeutic options to correct your hormonal profile and restore a higher quality of life.

However, not all human growth hormone (HGH) medications are created equal. One type of HGH formulation in particular — recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH) somatropin for injection — has been demonstrated through clinical research to safely achieve superior, sustainable improvements in circulating HGH levels over a standard course of therapy. Others, though, are ineffective or even threaten the health of those who take them.

In this article, we will separate the proven, science-backed HGH medications from the fake and dangerous ones. We will also provide you with a comprehensive guide to the top HGH injection from US manufacturers in 2021.

What Is Human growth hormone?

The hormone of growth is a critical component of the endocrine system, the network of more than 50 hormones that work together to perform important signaling work. Without proper hormone function, human health suffers. HGH is produced in the pituitary gland of the brain, which distributes the hormone into the blood through pulsatile secretions. Once it reaches the liver, HGH pairs with insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) to conduct essential physiological activities throughout the body.

HGH provides numerous health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Growth hormone

The Best HGH Injections From US Manufacturers in 2021

Inside the human body, HGH works with IGF-1 and other hormones of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) to:

  • Promote healthy tissue development.
  • Build muscle.
  • Increase bone density.
  • Support healthy metabolism (fat burning).
  • Regulate body composition (body shape).
  • Normalize circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle).
  • Promote good mental health (by preventing anxiety and depression).

The Leading HGH Injection Brands for Purchase in 2021

Effective HGH injections primarily come in either of two forms:

  • Subcutaneous (injected under the skin).
  • Intramuscular (injected into muscle tissue).

As we will explore later on, injectable HGH is the only safe, long-term method to reliably restore falling HGH levels in individuals with a diagnosed growth hormone deficiency. The leading brands of American-produced HGH from respected pharmaceutical firms in 2021 include:

A Price Comparison Between Top HGH Injection Brands

To help you make an informed decision about the right HGH manufacturer and product for you, please take a look at our chart below for guidance:*

ManufacturerProduct: Cost
Novo NordiskNorditropin FlexPro Pen 5 mg: $1,235

Norditropin FlexPro Pen 10 mg: $2,220

Norditropin FlexPro Pen 15 mg: $3,250

SandozOmnitrope vial 5.8 mg: $499
Eli LilyHumatrope 5mg vial:  $1,000

HumatroPen 6 mg: $1,400

HumatroPen 12 mg: $3,200

HumatroPen 24 mg: $5,700

SeronoSerostim Vial 4 mg: $4,500

Serostim Vial 5 mg: $5,100

Serostim Vial 6 mg: $5,700

Zorbtive Vial 8.8 mg: $15,000

PfizerGenotropin MiniQuick Pen 0.2 mg: $420

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen 0.4 mg: $800

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen 0.6 mg: $1,100

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen 0.8 mg: $1,650

Genotropin MiniQuick Pen 1 mg: $2,050

*Please note that prices vary depending on the brand and on the quantity of somatropin that is included in the package.

How to Choose the Most Effective Type of GH Injection for Your Therapy

Choosing the right type and brand of HGH injection devices depends on a few main factors:

  • Your budget.
  • Availability.
  • Preferences for HGH delivery method.*

The Leading HGH Injection Brands for Purchase in 2021

*The Cost Savings of HGH Injection Pens vs. Vial and Syringe

HGH injection pens utilize advanced technology to automatically titrate the appropriate dosage and deliver pain-free injections with minimal wastage. In fact, studies have shown that as much as 23% of somatropin used in the traditional vial and syringe method is wasted. HGH injections pens reduce HGH waste to virtually zero. You should consider using an HGH injection pen to:

  • Save money by eliminating waste.
  • Easily transport your injection device (most models fit inside of a small purse).
  • Reduce the pain and/or fear of needles commonly associated with use of vial and syringe.


HGH Therapy Clinic offers a wide variety of injection pens from the top US manufacturers.

Safe and Legal HGH Supplements:  How to Avoid Scams

While the internet has been a benefit for patients in terms of greater access to high-quality pharmaceuticals at lower cost, there are two sides to the coin.

The web is full of questionable, fraudulent, and outright fake pharmaceutical medications. These low-quality and dangerous medications, which the World Health Organization describes as “substandard or falsified,” are often produced in Third World countries with poor oversight and no testing by regulatory authorities for quality.

As a result, Growth hormone patients who look abroad for their somatropin risk their wellness and even their lives. The bottom line is that the savings offered by cut-rate, online, offshore providers is not worth the health risk.

Dangerous and Ineffective HGH Supplies to Avoid

Due to lower cost, fear of needles, or misleading advertising, savvy marketers prompt patients look to their ineffective – and often dangerous – HGH supplements that do not work as their supplier claim. In addition, they often come with undesirable and sometimes fatal side effects.

Only injectable HGH (somatropin using recombinant growth hormone) achieves reliable, long-lasting boosts in circulating human growth hormone levels. Claims by manufacturers of other HGH products that purport to do so are false.

Dangerous and ineffective HGH supplements to avoid include:

  • Oral HGH supplements like Growth Factor-9. Intense marketing campaigns and seductive packaging have fooled many patients into wasting their money on these amino acid supplements. While amino acids taken orally can sometimes offer a temporary boost in HGH levels, the increase is too short-lived to correct an HGH deficiency in the long run. Furthermore, you can source vital amino acids naturally and more affordably through healthy diet.
  • HGH gels. While some patients turn to HGH gels applied topically to the skin as alternatives, the reality is that this delivery method has multiple issues.

First, because HGH gels are largely unregulated, their ingredient lists are often incomplete or factually inaccurate. The injectable form of HGH, somatropin, that is sold in the US by the manufacturers listed earlier, on the other hand, is screened for purity and safety by the FDA.

Second, not all the human growth hormone in these gels is efficiently absorbed through the skin into the body, resulting in waste.

  • HGH patches. The same issues that apply to HGH gels also apply to patches.

The Final Word on HGH Injections in 2021

Protect your health and ensure the success of hormone replacement therapy by utilizing only US-produced, thoroughly tested somatropin medications from the manufacturers featured in this article. Correcting your hormone imbalance and achieving improved quality of life with recombinant human growth hormone is possible with the right medications and guidance from an experienced endocrinologist (hormone doctor).

Begin your journey to reclaim your youthful vigor today with HRT. To get started or for any additional questions you might have regarding the top HGH injection brands and devices in 2021, get in touch with HGH Therapy Clinic by using our handy online contact form.