Is it Legal to Buy Testosterone Online In US?

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Author :Dr. Jonathan McKennell
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The digital revolution has afforded patients with testosterone deficiencies more options than ever to safely acquire the supplements that they need to safely restore their hormonal health. Testosterone deficiencies also referred to as hypogonadism in clinical settings occur when the testes fail to produce adequate amounts of testosterone, the primary androgen (male sex hormone). This can impact sexual libido, the ability to get and maintain an erection, energy levels, mental health, and a number of other aspects of wellness.

Testosterone functions in our body

Although testosterone deficiencies are primarily associated with male sexual health, these types of imbalances can also affect women, especially during menopausal and postmenopausal periods. The symptoms of testosterone deficiencies are similar to those caused by lowered levels of luteinizing hormone, an important component of reproductive health produced in the pituitary gland that promotes testosterone production.

To correct these conditions, medical providers often prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) using synthetic testosterone to augment falling endogenous levels in men who do not produce enough of their own. HRT using testosterone is called testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Millions of men benefit from this clinical intervention each year.

In this article, we’ll explore the various internet-based options that patients have to buy testosterone supplements required to restore their vitality.

How to Get Testosterone Legally Prescribed in the USA

To answer the question “Is it legal to buy testosterone online in the US?” the first logical step would be to find out how to legally qualify for a testosterone prescription. Patients must have an identified deficiency as determined through blood work. The gold-standard test measures free testosterone levels (distinct from total testosterone).

Optimal free testosterone levels are critical for health in a number of ways as the hormone is involved in several crucial physiological processes.

While some patients with a deficiency experience no symptoms, many do. The common signs of a testosterone deficiency include:

  • Loss of interest in sex (low libido).
  • Inability to achieve erection.
  • Poor energy levels.
  • Mental health issues (depression, anxiety).
  • Poor cardiovascular health.
  • Muscle loss (atrophy).
  • Weakening bones (leading to osteoporosis).

Many of these common symptoms are also linked to other clinical conditions, so the only way to definitively determine the presence of a testosterone deficiency is to conduct lab tests via blood samples. Declining testosterone is common in many men, especially as they age. The chart below details the typical age-related drop-off in circulating free testosterone levels.

What Is the Most Effective and Safest Form of Testosterone Supplement To Buy?

Testosterone supplements come in several forms:

  • Patches.
  • Gels.
  • Creams.
  • *Injections.

*Research shows that injections are the most effective method for free testosterone restoration over the long-term because the hormone is introduced into the blood directly through muscle tissue.

Chart - Typical Male Testosterone Levels Decline Throughout Life (ngdL)Do I Need a Prescription to Buy Testosterone Supplements Online?

Yes, buying testosterone, high-quality testosterone, produced by a reputable pharmaceutical firm legally, a prescription from a licensed US medical provider is required. Purchasing, or attempting to purchase, testosterone without a prescription (whether in-person or online) is risky both to your health and to your freedom. Illegal possession of testosterone supplements carries the possibility of jail and/or heavy fines, so it’s not worth the risk.

Which Doctors Can Help Me To Buy Testosterone Online?

Any medical provider licensed to prescribe medications in the US can write a prescription for testosterone and issue guidance for purchasing testosterone online. However, the best avenue through which to seek testosterone supplementation is via an experienced endocrinologist (hormone doctor) with a track record of successful hormonal restoration over an extended period of time. HRT with testosterone is multi-faceted, so the more experienced the provider, the better the safety and results of therapy.

Are There Any Risks to Purchasing Testosterone Online?

Without proper guidance, purchasing testosterone online can be risky. One of the major hazards of looking online for testosterone supplements is the possibility of purchasing substandard and falsified (SF medicines). In a 2017 study, the World Health Organization found that one in ten medical supplies purchased from the Third World is either not what the vendor claims it is or contains harmful additives that threaten health. The chart below details the highest-risk areas from which to purchase medicines such as synthetic testosterone:

Is it Legal to Buy Testosterone Online

How to Buy Testosterone Online And Avoid The Scams

The best bet to avoid tainted or fake testosterone supplies is to limit your selection to the top US brands of testosterone on the market. These medications are monitored and tested rigorously for quality both by the manufacturers and by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

When you consult with your medical provider, he or she should be able to suggest the ideal brand for you based on your individual needs and preferences. Later on, we’ll offer some of the most highly recommended and widely used US testosterone supplements. This sort of guidance is another reason that obtaining a legal testosterone prescription is critical for TRT patients.

Is Using Testosterone Injections Safe?

The exogenous testosterone introduced through therapy resembles the molecular structure of testosterone produced endogenously (in the body). As such, when TRT is administered under the guidance of an experienced endocrinologist, patients typically respond favorably to therapy with minimal risk of side effects.

There are, however, several conditions that contraindicate testosterone therapy. They include:

  • Active prostate cancer.
  • Elevated blood calcium levels.
  • Untreated hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol)
  • Extreme obesity.
  • Erythrocytosis (abnormally high red blood cell count).

As part of the initial evaluation process, the medical provider will screen patients through a physical exam and blood draws to detect any potential contraindications for TRT.

What Types of Testosterone Injections Should I Use?

Testosterone moleculeAs we mentioned previously, the best selection method regarding testosterone supplements is to rely on the guidance of your provider and to avoid questionable supplements sourced from the Third World. There are several reputable US pharmaceutical firms that produce high-quality, pure synthetic testosterone supplements designed specifically for patients with deficiencies.

The top US brands of injectable testosterone are:

  • Testopel (testosterone pellet)
  • Depo-Testadiol (estradiol cypionate; testosterone cypionate)
  • Aveed (testosterone undecanoate)
  • Delatestryl (testosterone enanthate)
  • Ditate-DS (testosterone enanthate)
  • Depo-Testosterone (testosterone cypionate)

Many of these brands are sold via their respective manufacturers’ websites. In addition, they can often be purchased through a variety of licensed online vendors to patients who have prescriptions.

The Bottom Line on the Safety and Legality of Online Testosterone Supplements

With the guidance and supervision of an accredited medical provider, sourcing your testosterone online is possible. Often, getting your supplements through an online retailer is cheaper and more convenient than visiting a pharmacy.

Talk to your doctor to determine the best method to obtain your testosterone safely through the web.