How and When to Take HGH

Author :Dr. Marylin Adams
Editor :Henry Evans

How and When to Take HGH

If you just found out from your doctor that you have growth hormone deficiency, you likely have many questions about how and when to take HGH. Treatment for adult GHD is relatively straightforward. Most people will inject HGH once a day – usually in the evening. The initial treatment phase is typically six months. After that, the doctor will rerun blood tests, and you will discuss your options of continuing or ending treatment.

How to take HGH shots?

The process of how to take HGH shots differs based on the brand and injector style you select. If you are looking to save money, you will likely receive your chosen HGH brand in a vial containing the medication as a freeze-dried (lyophilized) powder. Before use, you will reconstitute the HGH powder with a bacteriostatic or sterile solution. Refrigerator storage is necessary for most types of HGH injections. There are a few exceptions to that rule.

When using HGH in a vial, you will receive a supply of insulin syringes. Dispose of the syringe and needle after each use in a Sharps container. You will also receive detailed instructions for how to take an HGH shot, along with online video links so that you can watch how to prepare and inject your HGH.

Convenient injector pen designs are available from all the top-rated brands of HGH. We can discuss the options available to you over the phone.

Most people will inject HGH into their abdomens, about one inch away from the belly button. Remember to alternate sides each day.

How Long Should You Take HGH?

Regarding how long to take HGH, after the initial six months, you and your hormone specialist will determine the continuation of the treatment. Here are some guidelines that may help you decide what action to take:

  • Continue treatment with HGH if you have achieved positive results but are not yet where you want to be.
  • Discontinue treatment or discuss other options if you have not achieved any benefits of HGH.
  • Continue HGH therapy with a new dosage based on your body’s current needs – for maintenance purposes.
  • Discontinue HGH if you have reached your goal and are taking lifestyle steps to improve natural HGH secretion. Getting enough sleep and exercising regularly can help boost human growth hormone production.

There are other reasons to continue to discontinue treatment when discussing how and when to take HGH. Always be open and honest with your hormone specialist to ensure you get the best possible results.

How Do You Get HGH?

If you are wondering how to get HGH from your doctor, we have the answer. First, please know that your family physician is not the right provider to ask for this treatment. HGH therapy is part of a specialized field of medicine called hormone replacement therapy. You want a doctor with extensive experience in this field to balance your delicate hormone levels.

You have two options available to you:

  • Make an appointment to visit a local hormone specialist
  • Alternatively, for how to get HGH online, contact our national hormone clinic

In either case, you will require a physical examination and a blood test. The hormone specialist will also need a clear understanding of your medical history and current treatments, medications, and supplements. We provide the questionnaire through our online portal to simplify the process. If visiting a local doctor, you will most likely complete this form in the waiting room.

You can have the examination and blood test at local facilities. One of our medical advisors will explain the procedures to you during your free telephone consultation. Upon diagnosis of adult growth hormone deficiency, our hormone doctor will determine your customized dosage and treatment plan.

If you have any further questions about how and when to take HGH, or would like to begin your confidential consultation, please contact our clinic.