HGH Makes Your Penis Bigger: True or Myth?

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Author :Dr. Marylin Adams
Editor :Henry Evans

There are three critical hormones to men relating to reproduction and sexual health, testosterone, and to a lesser degree, Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), and Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

Over the time that a boy grows from a child to a man, it is testosterone that plays the most significant role in the development of the size of the male genitalia, including penis size. However, since, as the name implies, human growth hormone is instrumental in the growth of all parts of the body, and ultimately for a child achieving full adult status, HGH plays some role in the development of the size of the male sex organs as well.

HGH continues to play a role in male sexual health well into adulthood, but not in directly influencing penis size. HGH, as does testosterone, has a part to play in erectile function.

How Does Human Growth Hormone Affect Penile Growth?

There is a belief that HGH injections can be used to increase penis size in men that are unhappy with the size of their penis. This is, for the most part, untrue.

HGH, along with testosterone, plays a role in the maturity of the sex organs. But HGH only influences penis size as a child grows from a boy to a man. Once a child is fully grown and has achieved his full height, HGH injections can no more make his penis any bigger than it could make an adult man grow any taller.

Can HGH therapy Increase Penis and Testicle Size in Adults?

hgh for bigger penisThe myth that HGH can be used for male enhancement or to increase penis size is because it is used to treat a condition known as a “micropenis” in children that are growth hormone deficient.

In children that are undeveloped due to growth hormone deficiency (GHD), growth hormone injections help them to achieve full stature. Often children who are failing to reach developmental milestones due to GHD will have underdeveloped sex organs; in boys, this can result in a so-called “micropenis.” In such boys, HGH injections have allowed their penis to “grow” and mature normally – but only to the normal “adult-size”, it was meant to be. HGH only has this effect on the penises of children that are still growing – it cannot and does not increase penis size in a full-grown man.

Because HGH injections are used to treat “micropenis” in children, this is how the myth that HGH injections can improve penis size got started.

HGH and Erectile Dysfunction

what is erectile dysfunctionWhile the claims that HGH can increase penis size are, for the most part, false, there is a connection between HGH and erectile dysfunction.

Doctors define erectile dysfunction, or ED, as “the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection that is satisfactory for sexual intercourse.”

ED is far more common than you might think. Nearly half of all men of all ages experience ED at one time or another. The percentage of men with ED increases with age. Statistics indicate that almost 70% of men over 65 have issues with ED, which is usually also along with a drop in sexual desire or lack of libido.

But, men, take heart. You do not have to suffer in silence with ED. Growth hormone replacement therapy has been proven in clinical studies to help men with ED, particularly older men with “age-related” performance issues.

Just how HGH injections improve sexual function is not exactly clear. What we do know is that HGH seems to increase nitrous oxide levels in the bloodstream, and increasing nitrous oxide is one way to help men with ED obtain stronger and more sustainable erections. In fact, increasing nitrous oxide is exactly how Viagra and related oral ED medications work.

Doctors and medical researchers also know that HGH therapy can increase testosterone output, and low testosterone is definitely linked to issues with erectile dysfunction.



Are There Proven Ways to Really Increase Penis Size?

There are a lot of claims made about “male enhancement products” or pills and things that claim to increase penis size. Most of these claims are dubious at best, and some of these products can actually be dangerous.

Do any of these pills, powders, or other gimmicks that allege to increase your manhood actually work?

Basically, no. Other than invasive penial surgery, there really are only a limited number of proven medical interventions that can improve penis size, and HGH is not one of them. Here are some methods of male medical enhancement that do work.

pills for penis enlargementPenis Pills – If you are a man, chances are you have gotten lots of emails or ads on your social media feeds for hundreds of supplements that claim to give you a bigger penis. Rubbish. Not a single one of them provides any kind of results near what they promise, and they could contain harmful ingredients.

Penis Pumps – A penis pump applies vacuum force to the penis that draws more blood into the penis. They do work to a degree, but any penis growth is temporary at best, and prolonged use has been known to cause serious injury to the penis.

Penis Surgery – Phalloplasty is a surgical technique used to enlarge the penis. But it is a very invasive procedure and is only used in cases of an extremely small penis, as in 3 inches or less. It is not recommended for men with an “average” sized penis who just want to be bigger.

Non-invasive, Non-surgical ways for Penis Enlargement

what is p-shot and how it increases penis sizeIn recent years there have been some medical proven, non-invasive techniques that have been introduced that can actually increase penis size without the use of painful and invasive surgery. One of the most effective of these it’s the Priapus shot, also known as the “P-shot.”

The P-shot uses platelet-rich plasma, or PRP.

PRP uses stem cells and the growth factors in your own blood to increase blood supply to the penis and stimulate the growth of new penile tissue. PRP, as used in the P-shot, is administered in a simple, pain-free injection. The results are almost immediate and can last for over one year.

The results of the P-shot are almost immediate. Within just days or weeks, patients should see:

  • Better erections. Doctors use a 25-point erectile function scale to evaluate erections. Men who have taken the P-shot have gone up as much as a 5-points on the 25-point erectile function scale.
  • Enlargement of the penis. The P-shot usually results in increases of at least a half-inch in both length and girth of the penis. Increases in penis size of up to 2 inches are not uncommon!
  • Better overall sexual performance, and a feeling of being “a young man again.”
    In fact, to achieve the same increases in length, as well as overcome ED as with PRP, you would have to have penile implant surgery.