HGH cycle for beginners: how to make a healthy and safe start

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Human growth hormone is prescribed in “cycles.” A typical HGH cycle lasts anywhere from four to six months. After that, you will be evaluated as to whether you need to continue on another cycle of HGH.

HGH cycle for beginners key points

HGH is a prescription medication. HGH injections are only prescribed to treat people with growth hormone deficiencies (GHD). HGH is not prescribed simply to build muscle or “bulk up,” and it is not legal nor safe to begin an HGH cycle strictly for that purpose. However, your HGH levels decline as you age, and this can result in adult-onset or “age-related” GHD. One of the main symptoms of age-related GHD is weakness and an inability to build muscle even when working out. For such individuals, an HGH cycle can be quite effective in increasing strength, stamina, and your ability to build lean muscle. 

When starting any HGH cycle, your initial dose of HGH is designed to be “titrated.” Meaning that you will at first be prescribed the lowest possible effective dosage of HGH, and then as your body adjusts to the increased presence of HGH, your dose may slowly be raised over the course of your cycle of HGH therapy. 

Initial doses may start as low as 0.2 mg and could be increased up to 2.0mg.

Basics of HGH Cycles

HGH cycles are usually described as “beginner, “intermediate,” or “advanced”, depending on your reasons for taking HGH, your goals, and your past experience with an HGH cycle. 

Introduction to HGH Beginner Cycles

Your HGH cycle or regimen will be dependent on whether it is your first time using HGH or not, your symptoms, and your wellness goals. A beginner HGH cycle, which is for those who are being prescribed HGH for the first time, will likely start off with no more than 2 IUs per day for a period of at least four months. After four months and for the remaining two months of your six-month first cycle of HGH, your dose may be raised to 4IUs. The key will be to evaluate your results and progress. 

HGH for Building Muscle and Achieving Bodybuilding Goals

HGH for Building Muscle

The term “HGH cycle” is often used among bodybuilders. But again, HGH is not and should not be prescribed strictly for bodybuilding or building muscle in otherwise healthy persons. HGH injections are prescribed to treat HGH decline and are quite effective in bringing HGH levels back to the normal range and improving muscle tone, strength, and stamina. Because of these known benefits of HGH, it is often used illegally or purchased on the black market for athletes and bodybuilders who wish to bulk up.

However, such uses of HGH are not recommended. Not only is it illegal to buy or use HGH without a prescription, but doing so can be dangerous. As a Hormone Replacement clinic that prescribes HGH therapy for legitimate hormone imbalances and medical reasons, we DO NOT endorse the use of HGH for athletics and, therefore, will not provide dosing information for athletes. 

That being said, for those who have been given a proper diagnosis of GHD, one of the main benefits of an HGH cycle is increased ability to build muscle. The muscle-building benefits of HGH have been studied extensively and proven over and over again. For example, a recent study published by the Endocrine Society analyzed the impact of growth hormone therapy on muscle mass and power in adult men. The results showed that HGH injections “significantly increased” exercise capacity, led to positive changes in body compositions, decreased total body fat, and increased lean muscle mass. 

Weight Loss Benefits of HGH for Beginners

Patients suffering from GHD, even age-related GHD, tend to be overweight. In fact, obesity is one of the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency, and HGH has been proven to be quite effective in weight loss. 

HGH, as normally produced by your body, plays a major role in metabolism and how your body burns or stores fat. Individuals who have lower than normal HGH levels are much more likely to be overweight because the less HGH you have available, the worse your body is at breaking down fat or the slower your metabolism. A slow metabolism means that instead of being converted into energy, the calories in the food you eat are stored as fat.  

HGH is not prescribed as a “weight loss drug” like Wegovy or some of the others that recently hit the market, but HGH injections have been proven to help you shed pounds. Patients on an HGH cycle typically lose significant weight. HGH aids in weight loss and can particularly help get rid of stubborn belly fat because it enhances lipolysis, which is your body’s ability to break down triglycerides or, in less technical terms, to “burn fat.” 

In addition to improving your body’s ability to burn fat, HGH also helps you to lose weight by stimulating the release of IGF-1, another hormone related to HGH. Overweight folks tend to suffer from “insulin resistance.” When you have insulin resistance, insulin does not do its job of removing glucose from your bloodstream as well as it should,  and therefore, more sugar remains in your blood, and more fat gets stored instead of converted to energy. IGF-1 fights insulin resistance by helping to move more glucose out of your bloodstream and into your cells. This will give you more energy, reduce your risk of diabetes, and also help you burn fat and lose weight.

Finally, HGH aids in weight loss because it helps you to build more lean muscle, and muscle consumes energy and raises your metabolism even at rest.

Anti-Aging Effects: A Secondary Advantage

In addition to helping you lose weight and build muscle, there are many other “anti-aging” benefits of beginning and completing an HGH cycle. In fact, many of the conditions or issues we think of as “getting older,” such as weakness, fatigue, and sexual health issues, are, in fact, caused by age-related HGH decline. The ability of HGH to “turn back the clock” includes the following anti-aging benefits:

  • Improved ability to get and maintain an erection and increased sex drive in both men and women.
  • Improved strength.
  • Increases in stamina and improved exercise capacity.
  • Increased ability to build lean muscle.
  • Weight loss and improved ability to burn fat.
  • Improved sleep.
  • More consistent moods.
  • Decreased anxiety and depression.
  • Improved memory, cognition, and focus.

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Dosages for Safe and Effective HGH Cycles

HGH injections are usually measured in IUs. The typical dose of HGH injections for adults diagnosed with GHD is a daily dosage of 1 or 2 IUs per injection. Injections are usually done in the late evening to mimic the body’s natural growth hormone secretion cycle. You will typically be asked to do your HGH injections five days per week, with two days off.

Essential Advice for Beginners

The best advice we can give to anyone considering starting an HGH cycle is not to do so without medical supervision. There is no such thing as “non-prescription” or “over-the-counter” HGH. HGH is a prescription medication known as somatropin. You can only legally obtain HGH with a doctor’s prescription. Beware of any product that you can buy online or anywhere else without a doctor’s prescription. By law, such products cannot contain any genuine HGH. These products either contain no HGH at all or, worse yet, could be “black market HGH” imported illegally from India and China, which can be ineffective at best or toxic at worst.

Important Warnings to Consider Before Starting

Another thing for HGH beginners to be warned about is to avoid any so-called “HGH boosters” or “HGH supplements.” Any and all such products should be avoided. These products are not HGH. They are usually combinations of proteins, amino acids, or other ingredients that claim to be able to “raise” or “boost” your HGH levels. However, since these products are sold as “nutritional supplements,” they are not regulated by the FDA, which means any claims of their safety and efficacy are not verified by the government or any official scientific or regulating agency.

The claims made by these products are dubious at best, and they have not been evaluated at all for safety and, therefore, could have some harmful side effects or ingredients.  

If you think you are suffering from HGH deficiency, the only treatment is genuine HGH injections prescribed by your doctor.

Restrictions and Requirements for Safe Usage

Navigating Your HGH Cycle

It is important to note that HGH is banned by most professional sports organizations as a performance-enhancing drug. It is not legal to use HGH for bodybuilders to bulk up or for athletes to enhance strength, endurance, or stamina. HGH is only available to purchase legally in the US if you have a legitimate doctor’s prescription. Purchasing HGH without a prescription is not only against the law, but it could be quite hazardous to your health. Using HGH without proper medical supervision puts you at risk of severe side effects and serious complications. Fatalities have even been reported by users of “black market HGH.”

Navigating Your HGH Cycle

Regardless of the length, an HGH cycle refers to a period during which you use HGH injections to enhance physical performance, improve body composition, and bring HGH levels that may be declining back into the normal range. 

How to Cycle HGH Effectively

The only way to cycle HGH safely and effectively is with proper medical supervision. When used as prescribed, the results you can achieve with an HGH cycle are well worth it. HGH therapy has an extraordinary number of benefits — particularly for men.

Legal Considerations for HGH Cycles

To emphasize, HGH is a controlled substance; you cannot start an HGH cycle without a doctor’s prescription.  

How to Start an HGH Cycle Safely and Legally

Getting a legitimate prescription for HGH in the US starts with a doctor’s visit. This initial exam or visit could be done online by an authorized telemedicine platform. After an evaluation of your symptoms, you will then be referred to a lab to have your HGH levels tested. If your lab results indicate that you are a good candidate for growth hormone therapy, you will be prescribed the most appropriate starting dose of HGH injections based on your labs and intake exam. 

Ensuring a Healthy and Sustainable Beginning

Starting slowly, following all of your prescriber’s instructions, and reporting any side effects immediately to your HGH cycle prescriber is the surest way to ensure a healthy and sustainable beginning on HGH.

After that, as the first weeks of your HGH cycle stretch out into months, you will continue to see an increase in your ability to build lean muscle as well as start to see other benefits, such as fat loss, increased energy, and even improvements in sexual performance!

Recap: Building a Solid Foundation for HGH Beginners

HGH therapy has a wealth of benefits for patients who have been diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency – including patients with age-related or “adult-onset” growth hormone deficiency. However, HGH is only legally available with a doctor’s prescription. You should not begin an HGH cycle illegally to bulk up or as a performance-enhancing drug for sports. Such uses are not only illegal, but they can also be hazardous to your health or even fatal. 

Build a solid HGH cycle for beginners by starting off right by working with medical professionals!

Moving Forward: Your Journey with HGH

Getting started and moving forward with HGH successfully is not that complicated. Simply follow this link to contact us or schedule your initial consultation.  

One of our representatives will contact you and, after asking a few questions about your age and symptoms, invite you to make an appointment for a complete physical exam and blood work.

After your exam, if your symptoms and labs identify you as a good candidate for growth hormone therapy, you will be prescribed the necessary dosage and regimen of HGH injections that best suit your needs and lifestyle.